Light Worker

First and foremost my mission is to help you live your life in harmony with your higher self. We often have to face our greatest fears and overcome inner obstacles before we can learn to understand our true calling. This is the core of my approach in helping you. I will stand by your side as you face your shadow, work through it until you come out the other side and find the light within.


I've been using Astrology as a tool for self reflection for over 20 years. Whether you believe in the concept or not: the very process of going through the information your horoscope presents to you will sharpen your senses, which ultimately leads to higher levels of consciousness.


I can help you set up your own little corner of the web, private or business, so that you may share your services or works with your desired audience. No programming skills required, though it is actually not that hard and I'll gladly show you the way.

Graphic Designer

Promotional material can help your business/project grow. I'll help you create graphics for Social Media ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc), flyers, business cards and more and keep it all in tune with your identity, brand or corporate design.

Photographer (view photos here)

I am known to take photos wherever I go, whether it be of nature, pets, architecture or items. If it is beautiful or poetic, I'll capture it. I also love capturing the essence of people, individuals and groups.


If it is for a Good cause and in service of the truth, I will gladly help you reach a broader audience by translating texts from German to English and vice versa.